Beyonce: To Bey or Not To Bey

On Saturday night, after half a week of simultaneously mourning the passing of Prince, and the dis-respeck of Birdman aka the human Dragonball, Black Twitter was abuzz; literally buzzing with Bee Emojis. The Bee Emoji is the Bat Signal that notifies the world of the presence of BeyoncĂ©, Queen Sheba Overlord of the #BeyHive, first […]

How Bernie Sanders Lost NY

The NY Primary has just passed, amid some controversy, and the Bernie Sanders supporters on my social media have responses that have ranged from “I’m never voting again” to “IT’S A CONSPIRACY!” There have been many posts about how Bernie got screwed. I’m a Bernie supporter, and I simply don’t feel that way. I’ve been […]

Wrestlemania 32 Review

Another year, another Six Hour Pre-Show to The Raw After Wrestlemania is in the books. I was pretty much wrong on most of my predictions, and even more wrong on how certain people would be used. But was it a good show? Here’s how it scored: Hits New Day Entrance: When this gimmick started, I […]