2016 Wiggie Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first annual Wiggie Awards! 2016 was a….year…. and 2017 looks to be… The categories and nominees were selected in a blind drawing that was overseen by the Jae Wiggz Committee, and all results are final. Without further delay, I present: Blackest Thing of the Year: Black Ass TV Shows […]

Another Open Letter to Steph Curry

Dear Steph Curry: I wrote to you this time last year, when you made it to the NBA Finals. I wrote all about how you’re my current favorite player, how upset I was when you were drafted one spot ahead of my beloved, if not cursed, Knicks team. I expressed my admiration of your success […]

Wrestlemania 32 Review

Another year, another Six Hour Pre-Show to The Raw After Wrestlemania is in the books. I was pretty much wrong on most of my predictions, and even more wrong on how certain people would be used. But was it a good show? Here’s how it scored: Hits New Day Entrance: When this gimmick started, I […]

Wrestlemania 32 Predictions

This years Wrestlemania has been built with mud and twigs. The card is the weakest in years. Fan excitement is at an all-time low. The actual roster has been depleted, and plans have been changed repeatedly. One thing is for sure: WWE is going to attempt to shove 90,000 people into AT&T Stadium, and call […]