HBO’s Insecure and How Lawrence Sucks (But I’ll Still Cape for Him)

Insecure is a brilliant show. It highlights complex black people, with real experiences. Their actions feel authentic and their dialog feels natural. One of the show’s characters is Lawrence, the live-in boyfriend of main character, Issa. We’re introduced to their relationship in turmoil. They rebound, but Issa ends up cheating on him. Lawrence is far from perfect, and the show makes sure that you know that. He has his struggles and succumbs to his worst intentions. His arc is polarizing because of the way he handles himself during his highest of highs, and his lowest of lows.

Lawrence starts the show as a bum. He’s unemployed, he’s not making any moves, and he’s a pretty weak boyfriend. Lawrence gets himself together, after Issa threatened to leave his ass, and ends up getting cheated on. He broke up with Issa, copped some bud from his bros, went to the strip club, almost fucked a stripper, thought about getting back with Issa, then ended up making a late night deposit in Tasha the Thirsty Bank Teller.

My God. That was like Kobe scoring 60 points in his final game. Ya boy, Larry Legend! Hotep Twitter rejoiced! Sista Twitter was tight! Married Twitter had long ass discussions that they didn’t think they needed to have. Lawrence generated so many think-pieces (this one included) that keyboards everywhere caught fire! The first season finale of Insecure will live on in infamy. Brava, Issa Rae!

I started out in the Team Lawrence Camp because I could relate to him. I was once unemployed, unmotivated, and became comfortable in a relationship that was going nowhere. Realizing that the world wasn’t going to meet me at my level, I had to humble myself with a Work Shirt job to bring in some money. I totally understood Lawrence’s depression in the beginning of the season. However, as I started to re-watch the season, I forgot about some key points in Lawrence’s story that I may have forgotten. Lawrence may have been a “good guy,” but he wasn’t shit.

He forgot Issa’s birthday

The main reason why Issa took a break from Lawrence in the first place was because he was so glued to the bouch that he didn’t even bother to plan a celebration for Issa’s birthday. That’s a high-level offense right there. From this moment, Lawrence was never gonna work out.

App development needs money, dude

He wanted his app, Woo-Woo (or Woop de Woop? The hell was this app supposed to be about, anyway?) to be a hit, and had so many ideas for it, but where was his progress? What was his plan for launching it? Would he ever launch it? And why isn’t he working to supplement it? If it blows up and he makes a ton of dat Google money off of it, that’s great. But you still have bills, my guy. Being the dude on the bouch playing 2K is not the wave when you’re not contributing.

The only “Good Guy” thing he did was turn down Tasha

Tasha aka “Dat Chase Heaux” in certain circles, was a tragedy waiting to happen. She really liked Lawrence, and kept giving him the superficial ego pumping that people like. Sidebar: if you’ve ever asked anyone for a compliment that wasn’t natural, then you can’t really get mad at Lawrence for feeling good when Tasha was doing it. We saw where Tasha was headed when we first met her, and she made it obvious when she got “lost” looking for batteries in the electronics section and was trying to catch Lawrence off guard.

That's just not fair at all...
Shoot your shot, Tasha…

He turned her down, and Lawrence instantly became a “good guy.” The sins of his previous relationship lethargy were washed away and forgotten. it’s actually brilliant writing and character development that we were able to forgive and forget Lawrence at this moment, especially considering that Issa cheats on him in this same episode.

His friends are gah-bage

Anyone can be judged by the company that they keep. Lawrence is a guy who keeps pretty bad company as his close friends. We have his (I guess) best friend, Chad, who’s just a shitty guy that treats women (including his own fiancée) like objects. His other two friends who were at the strip club were trash. The only guy who’s likeable is a Blood affectionately named Thug Yoda. These guys aren’t the type of people who a “good guy” would keep in his inner circle. I can say that if I were ever jammed up the way that Lawrence was, my friends are not taking me to a strip club. We’re actually discussing shit and working through the hard feelings, because that’s what “good people” do.

Lawrence’s heel-turn is pure Drake

From the moment that Lawrence found out Issa cheated on him, he reacted violently. He flips tables and is ready to punch air. Later, he goes to blow off steam with Ain’t Shit Chad, and does the typical male BS thing by suppressing his negative emotions with the Four B’s: Bud, Brews, Bros, and Bewbs. Lawrence goes on a bender that rivals our friend Drizzy, complete with all of the “you don’t have to do this” vibes that a Cuffing Season Drake song would produce. Lawrence even fell into his emotions and called his ex! All things out of the Drake Playbook.

He went home, probably with all of the intentions of working it out. The time alone before Issa arrived could have served as him finally getting too deep into his feelings. He’s proved that he couldn’t handle them before, and he chose to succumb to his anger again by moving out. He was so petty that not only did he leave his old Best Buy shirt behind as a message, but HE TOOK THE PILLOW FROM HIS SIDE OF THE BED!!! That’s Hall of Fame levels of petty.


Good Guys don’t get post-breakup haircuts

Ya boy Big L didn’t get himself together until he was threatened by Issa wanting to leave him. Sometimes, it takes near-death for us to make positive changes, whether that be a health scare or an eviction notice. Lawrence was on a different level. Dude had that interview with the tech company and didn’t even bother to get a shape up. However, in the three days following the break up with Issa, Lawrence went and got a fresh ass fade that I immediately noticed. He went from The Struggle beard to the “ayo lemme get the number 21” model on the barbershop poster in seconds flat… POST BREAK UP! I remember going into caveman mode and growing a crusty ass Break Up Beard until I felt ready to stunt on these niggas again. Lawrence didn’t make any moves that a “good guy” would make after they’ve had their soul crushed.

As much as I can point out Lawrence’s Fuckboyosity, I can still cape for him. Why? When he was getting his shit together, his world came crashing down. Unlike Issa, Lawrence doesn’t have a good support system to help him through it. Molly was there on that bouch with Issa once she discovered that Larry Da Gawd was gone til November. Lawrence’s friends are the type of scrubs that relentlessly bash Black Women on Facebook, using blanket statements like “they’re too difficult.” Those dudes are the same types who were hurt the same way that Lawrence was. They saw him slipping away, and they chose not to interfere. They ain’t shit.

Lawrence’s worst decision was the very graphic final scene of him having angry, face-down-ass-up, arched back, pointed-toe sex with someone he perceived as a person who values him. If he had better people in his corner, maybe he and Issa reconcile. Even if they wouldn’t have, at least he would have worked through his emotions constructively, instead of using them as fuel to crrrrrrack Tasha’s back.

A “good guy” is allowed to be unemployed, but the least he could have done was made sure that the house was clean. He stalled in every aspect of his life, and he seemed content with it. There’s comfortable, and then there’s straight up trash. Lawrence was good for turning down Tasha, but that was the only truly good thing that he did throughout the entire season. Lawrence was a guy who got jammed up, and broke under the weight of his emotions.

-2 Fingaz

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