Larry Wilmore was Brilliant

Barack Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Dinners have all had entertaining moments, from The Birth Certificate to Luther: Anger Translator. Last week, Barack Obama’s final set was, as usual, light-hearted fun. It reinforced the belief that Barack Obama has run out of fucks to give, and is just serving up shade by the spoonful. Larry Wilmore, who was the host, had to follow Barrack’s light jabs at his haters. Larry didn’t jab, he threw haymakers, and the stunned crowd had no defense for it.

Larry Wilmore vs All Lives Matter

Larry Wilmore’s routine would have slayed in the Apollo or any Def Comedy Jam stage. However, this crowd was C-SPAN’s key demographic; old white males. His lambasting of All Lives Matter and all of the 24 Hour News Channels, with their sensationalist anchors cut them deep. As one person put it, it was Peak White Tears. Wilmore lined his targets up one by one, and like Sweetpea from Baby Boy, he duffed them each out with one-hitta-quittas.

Larry Wilmore vs MSNBC

Larry Wilmore’s twenty minute roast received scattered boos from the crowd, and even a bird flip by Human Dog Fart, Don Lemon, but he soldiered on. The reason why the room was ice cold was because many of those people have never been called out in that way before. You can find many a clip of Bill O’Reilly and people of his ilk getting in shouting matches with their guests, and once they sense losing control of the interview, they immediately dump the segment to commercial. Larry Wilmore went awf, and the room squirmed and shuddered.


How long would it have been that a set like Larry Wilmore’s would have ever reached those people in that room? These are journalists and politicians that dictate the narratives that Larry was calling out. These people don’t have to deal with black issues, and these people assume no responsibility about the Rise of Trump. While Barack Obama called them out in a safe way, where his charisma and natural oratory prowess was a nice, sugary placebo for this audience, Larry Wilmore gave them pure cod liver oil. He cut much deeper than Obama could have. The crowd tried their best to dismiss it as “who’s this guy,” but by the end, no one will ever forget Larry Wilmore’s name.

Piers Morgan vs Larry Wilmore

Dropping the N-Bomb as the final word that he used, as well as Obama’s acknowledgement and appreciation of it, was the icing on the White Guilt Cake.

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