Six Random Thoughts on President-Elect Trump

It’s been one week since half of America decided that the country should be best led by Donald Trump, AKA the living embodiment of the Twitter Egg Avi, and I’m still shell-shocked. I’ve accepted the results, but it still doesn’t feel real. His rumored transition team looks like a real-life Legion of Doom, led by his vice president Mike Pence, who is The Man personified. Pence would sign the Mutant Registration Act, which when you think about it, is what this administration seems like it’s trying to do with Muslims. That’s horrifying.

I experienced some of the most complex feelings that I’ve ever felt this past week. I went from raging anger to crippling fear within seconds flat. How could this have happened? What can we look forward to in the next four years? These are some of the thoughts that I had to process.

Hillary Clinton was an uninspiring candidate

Hillary Clinton would have been a fine president, but she was a weak candidate. Her campaign was more about throwing shade at Donald Trump and his supporters than it was about discussing her own policies. Her campaign tried to out troll a troll, and it was as effective as her dabbing on the Ellen Show.

Campaigning in 2016.
Campaigning in 2016.

She indirectly helped rally Trump supporters behind that “Deplorable” tag, and they ran with it all the way to the damn White House. The email thing was a scarlet letter that she was never able to shake. It unfairly followed her into perpetuity, and her detractors (on both sides) used it to justify their distrust in her. The DNC corruption didn’t help. James Comey and the FBI investigation was played up much larger than Trump’s own civil and criminal investigations were. She was problematic, and the idea of her being the first female president of this country wasn’t big enough for her to fight off misogyny and corruption.

Her radio silence this past week has been used against her once again, but here’s the thing about that: If I worked for over thirty years towards this one goal, came within an arm’s reach of it, and it got snatched from me at the last second, I’d be hella depressed, too. This campaign was long and exhausting, and she went through this twice! She’s needs this break to figure out just WTF she’s supposed to do next.

Election Day was a Perfect Storm for Fuckery

Shitty candidates. Disenfranchised voters. Protest voters. Voters who stayed at home. Doofy Ass Gary Johnson. The media giving Trump tons of free press. Trusting the polls. “Super Predators.” Woke Hotep Voters. White voters, especially White Women Voters. The establishment failing to appear more progressive. Bernie-or-Bust. Elitist Left vs Alt-Right websites creating misinformed narratives that social media gobbled up. The Silent Majority. Swing States. Rust Belt States who weren’t listened to. The Electoral College. 2016 being The Worst. You can chose any of those angles and concentrate on them individually as the reason why Donald Trump was elected. In reality, it was all of those things working together to create this result.

 The Cinemax Theory is pretty legit

There is something about understanding Trump voters who ignored the hate speak when voting for him. He’s said some racist, sexist, xenophobic things. He’s mocked the disabled and POWs. He believes that inner cities are hotbeds for black violence, despite him living in New York Fucking City! The people who voted for him most likely won’t be affected by his words, but they cannot ignore those words. So many people voted against their better self-interests because he was able to capitalize on people’s fears by “othering” everyone else.

He spoke directly to white people. Those were the only votes that he won. Some of them will say shit like “I don’t have a racist bone in my body” or some other shit. They cannot ignore the Cinemax Theory. In order to have HBO on your cable system, you must sign up for Cinemax. You have no interest in Cinemax, but because you want HBO, you have to get Cinemax as well. Voting against Obamacare does not exclude the fact that you voted for Islamophobia.

Bernie Sanders would not have easily won

Bernie wasn’t subjected to the probing that Hillary was. He was not fully vetted, and that does not mean that he was clean. The skeletons that may have been in his closet remain intact. Even though Bernie had better poll numbers vs Trump than Hillary did, the polls said that Hillary was winning this election by a significant margin. Who is to say that the polls wouldn’t have betrayed Bernie the same way that they did Hillary?


Understand that Trump’s whole campaign was him being an outsider who wants to fight establishment politicians. Bernie Sanders has been in government longer than his some of his supporters have been alive. Trump could have attacked Bernie’s long standing Independent tag only changing to Democrat this past year to take advantage of media exposure as a rally cry for people on the right who distrust the government. Also, understand that Trump and his lowest common denominator catchphrases were extremely effective. “Commie Bernie” is arguably a better catchphrase than “Crooked Hillary”. Both Bernie and Trump were selling similar ideas of hope for a better future. This doesn’t mean that Bernie would have lost, but it would have been a dogfight for him to win.

Hypocrisy on both sides

I was in the “give him a chance” camp. It’s literally all that we can do right now. I’m not signing petitions for the electorates to vote against the people. I’m not in the #NotMyPresident crowd. He won fair and square. I’m down for protesting the violation of human rights under this regime. I’m not going as far as to reject democracy (something that Trump implied that he would do). This election was extremely divisive, to the point where if Trump lost, we would likely get the same reaction from the people. Democrats would be trying to convince the other side to “get over it” and “give her a chance” the same way that Trump’s side is doing now. Real talk, neither candidate would have been able to unite the people.

Additionally, the Melania Trump slut shaming needs to stop. Melania Trump didn’t ask for any of this. She was a model who has done nude photo shoots. None of that has ANYTHING to do with her husband being a piece of shit. Make fun of how she plagarized Michelle Obama. Leave her nude pictures out of it. Using them to justify how they used racial epithets to slander Michelle is not cool. Eye for an eye doesn’t work here, B.

Social Media Echo Chambers

For almost two years, there have been articles and think-pieces made telling anti-Trump people how to block out anyone in your social media circles who “likes” his fan page. Those people may have been fans of “The Apprentice” or “The Art of the Deal,” or like his casinos and hotels. They may not even be aware that they still “like” his page. Hell, I used to watch “The Apprentice” once upon a time. The point is that when you close yourself off to differing opinions, then it becomes impossible to have debates that challenges those opinions. That closed-mindedness leads to your opinions only being validated by like-minded individuals.

It’s one thing if those people are supporting his hate-filled rhetoric against women’s rights, religious freedom, people of color, and LGBTQ rights. However, part of his campaign was lowering taxes, increasing jobs nationally, and fighting government corruption, especially going up against the perfect example of a corrupt politician. When you mute those voices on your social media, you end up getting blindsided by them in the voting booths, where those voices are the loudest.

When you can't trust your immigrant, female wife to vote for you.
When you can’t trust your immigrant, female wife to vote for you.

This election left a deep divide between the left and the right. There’s not much of a consolation that more people actually voted for Hillary. Donald Trump should have lost to a turkey sandwich. He faded every professional politician that he faced, and his reward is receiving the keys to the White House from the man whose very humanity he questioned and insulted repeatedly. Barack Obama has to look his biggest hater in the face and work with him. That disgusts me.

Uninformed Troll Twitter is the President of the United States of America.

God, help us all.

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