HBO’s Insecure and How Lawrence Sucks (But I’ll Still Cape for Him)

Insecure is a brilliant show. It highlights complex black people, with real experiences. Their actions feel authentic and their dialog feels natural. One of the show’s characters is Lawrence, the live-in boyfriend of main character, Issa. We’re introduced to their relationship in turmoil. They rebound, but Issa ends up cheating on him. Lawrence is far […]

Marvel’s Luke Cage is Black AF

I’m a big, broad-shouldered black man from Uptown NYC who was raised on comic books. I liked certain heroes, but I couldn’t identify with any of them. They didn’t look like me. They didn’t come from where I came from, nor did they go to the places that I went to. It wasn’t until I […]

The Get Down: A Must Watch

I binge-watched every episode of The Get Down that was available. I normally don’t binge-watch because I hate the feeling of yearning and emptiness after I finish. The Get Down is addictive. It was impossible for me to resist hitting “next” on my screen. The Get Down is a lot of things. That’s not surprising, considering that it’s helmed […]

2016 VMAs: Missed Shots and Bey Slay

MTV doesn’t play music videos. They don’t even play music. The fact MTV still does the VMAs is absurd. I am the definition of the lapsed MTV viewer. The last time that I actively devoted my time to MTV was when the great RJ Berger used to bless channel with his greatness. I find more entertainment value […]

Game of Thrones Season 6 Awards

Another year, another season of Game of Thrones is in the books! I know I’m six years late to the game, but considering that I binged through four and a half seasons a year ago to catch up, I feel like I owe it to you guys to give my commentary on this past season. […]

Nostalgia Should be Left in the Past

Hollywood has relied heavily on nostalgia for a long time now. A lot of 70s, 80s, and 90s TV shows and movies receieve the 21st Century treatment and more often than not, they fail our childhoods. However, it doesn’t stop us from wondering what a remake of Terminator would look like with current technology. The thing […]