The Life of Pablo Review

I’m so glad to have this space again!!! It’s been way too long. Brief summary of my whereabouts is as follows:

I fucked up.

With that out of the way, let’s get to business. Kanye West completely melted down on Twitter for a month straight leading to the release of So Help Me God SWISH Waves The Life of Pablo. He dropped it on Tidal, and yeah… I wasn’t going to do that. I’ve had this for a couple of weeks, and this is probably the weirdest Kanye album that I’ve ever heard, and I’m a guy that still doesn’t “get” Yeezus.

Ultralight Beam

Kanye opens his album with gospel. He brings in Kirk Franklin and Kelly Price to try to welcome us to Yeezus’s House. He has all kinds of heavenly noises floating around. He’s taking us to a higher plane. A higher state of being. Yeezus is here to deliver us from bad Trap Beats. Let the church say, Ye-Men…

Father Stretch My Hands (1&2)

…That is until Kanye mentions banging bleached anuses within the first 45 seconds of Track 2. I legitimately turned this off and had to reconsider my life choices.

I definitely dig the beat on Part 2. I thought this was a great use of Future’s gimmick on the feature, until I realized that it was dude named Desiigner, aka Discount Future. It’s also cool that he gave the computer from “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” a feature at the end.



This track is drenched with Kanye’s obsession with Taylor Swift, high fashion, and his own dick. Rihanna sounds great on the hook. Swizz Beatz seems to have stumbled into the recording session with his own microphone, plugged it in, and started doing some impromptu ad-lbs. No one really knows how he ended up here, but he’s not leaving.


This is pretty dope. Sounds like a B-side from Yeezus. Not hating it at all.

Low Lights

This could have been the intro track to the album. Kanye used a sample to pretty much establish that people should worship him.


808s sound. A Young Thug feature. Kanye bragging about his cock. Na, b. Skip.

Freestyle 4

Despite Ye viewing himself as a demigod, this is the first time that I actually started worrying about his psyche. This isn’t a song. He’s not even rapping. He’s just legitimately asking, or by the sound of his tone, daring, Kim Kardashian to have sex with him. He even breaks the rhythm and just straight up threatens her to fuck next to the dinner rolls. It’s a way less romantic “Bound 2,” which was his version of “Smooth Operator.” Desiigner aka Faux Future limps back in toward the end of the track to attempt to classify this as music.

I Love Kanye

This is the Kanye that I became a fan of in 2004. Funny, charismatic, cocky, misogynistic, completely self-absorbed. This is the best Kanye West possible, and we only get it for 43 seconds.


I HATE that people like R. Kelly and Chris Brown are still successful in music. With that said, Chris Brown KILLS this feature. His voice sounds like flowing gravy over pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes. I was transported to a land where the sun is always the perfect temperature. Dude did his thing here. I don’t even like Kanye on this song. I’m only here for Breezy.


This track screams 808s to me. I never cared for that album due to how depressing it is, so I’m usually opposed to anything that sounds like it. However, I like this track because it’s the only one on this album truly like it, as opposed to the whole 808s just being a sad ass album. The content of this track is a pretty interesting look into Ye’s mind. He’s always fighting with himself, as we all do. I’m usually a sucker for these type of tracks, and this one is pretty good.

Real Friends

I really like this song. It’s essentially Kanye’s version of “No New Friends.” Kanye is going to hate being compared to Drake, but dawg, this is exactly what Aubrey would do. Maybe that’s the point?


An interesting mash up of concepts between 808s, Yeezus, and MBDTF. I still don’t know if I like this. I don’t reflexively skip this, but I’m not adding it to any of my long-term playlists. I will say that the Kanye Misogyny Gimmick is getting pretty old after twelve damn years. Women are sexual objects, we get it, Ye. It’s interesting that marriage and parenthood hasn’t changed that mindset (at least in his music). I get that hip hop is traditionally misogynistic, but Ye plays into that way too often for me.

Silver Surfer Intermission aka The Skit Made Irrelevant by Album Title Change

Max B annoyingly says “Wave” approximately 2,283 times in 51 seconds while on a prison phone call with Irish Vermont. Dassit.

30 Hours

This would have been a great outro if Kanye left well enough alone. I love this song. I’m just pissed that he got Andre 3000 in the booth in Monaco or whenever the hell he was recording this, and told him to feebly sing two words over the hook. I haven’t heard a 3-Stacks verse that banged since the “Throw Some D’s” remix. I miss him. This was Kanye’s time to do something magical with him and Ye dropped the ball.

No More Parties in LA





This beat is ridiculous. You hear it and you want to crack an entire package of dry spaghetti in half. Not even just a few noodles at a time, but the entire package. All. At. Once.


This something right out of a Drake + Rick Ross collab. Funny that this track is essentially “I can out-Drizzy Drake, and I hate Nike.”


This would be POPPIN’ in Emerald City from The Wiz Live. Other than that, skip.

This album is all over the damn place. It still sounds unfinished. It doesn’t have a clear theme or flow. It’s scatterbrain. It sounds like someone took Kanye West’s discography, played it on random, and made a mixtape of the first eighteen tracks. It just never hits a groove. There are tracks that I really like, tracks that I really hate, and tracks that I still don’t know my feelings on. One thing that I do know: the lyrical content is pretty disappointing. There’s no real evolution to Ye’s content. He’s a genius. He in love with himself. Women are merely cock docks, including his own wife. He idolizes high fashion. That’s all that he’s been about since College Dropout. I was hoping that fatherhood and marriage would bring about a different point of view, but that’s me always looking for the best in people. Dude is willing to insult other people’s children, so I guess shame on me for hoping for something new.

FINAL VERDICT: I don’t absolutely hate it, but I don’t even like it. “No More Parties in LA” is instantly in my Top 5 Kanye tracks ever. That’s a 5-star joint, but it’s an album full of 2s and 3s. 2.25/5 is my score. If I’m to rank it with his body of work, it looks like this:

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
College Dropout
Late Registration
The Life of Pablo
808s and Heartbreak

Thanks for rocking with me. I appreciate the love that you guys give me on Facebook and Twitter. It means a ton, especially since I just do this for fun. I promise I’m back for good, and I hope that you guys stick around with me as I rebuild my blawg empire stronger than ever before!

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